A Gift From the Gods

 A Gift From The Gods stationery makes its prime-time debut on the flagship BBC panel show HIGNFY

 Sometimes great stationery pops up in the most unlikely places. And that was certainly the case on Friday 12th October, when items from the A Gift From The Gods Dream Odyssey collection were featured on the iconic BBC1 comedy show, Have I Got News For You. Host, comedian Richard Ayoade, introduced the final round of the popular panel game (The Missing Words Round) with the news that it would feature industry publication, STATIONERY Matters. And who popped up on the very first question? None other than A Gift From The Gods! Contestants were asked what was ‘a consequence of visiting the London Stationery Show’? The answer was, of course, ‘a sudden urge to buy pencils’! The show illustrated the laugh out loud moment with an image of the Dream Odyssey pencil set, daily planner, pen, and spiral notebook.

Game For A Laugh

Have I Got News For You is always good for a Friday night chuckle. And this week was no exception with guests commenting that the blank pages of the Dream Odyssey Stars Aqua Weekly Planner reflected the booking diary of comedian Seann Walsh, the celebrity who was recently caught getting a little too close to his married dance partner, Katya Jones, off the dance floor during his stint on Strictly Come Dancing. But the A Gift From The Gods stationery itself didn’t come under fire from the quick-witted host or panellists. The distinctive collection looked as bright and beautiful as ever on the small screen.

The Dream Odyssey Collection

The Dream Odyssey Collection is perfect for goddesses who love to dream big. Those who embrace travel, adventure, and everything life has to offer. Designed in a soft aqua palette and embellished in gold, with a distinctive star print, it’s a collection that never goes unnoticed. Goddesses can choose to seek their Dream Odyssey on in a variety of ways, with everything from makeup pouches to keyrings, mugs, sleepwear, and stationery on offer. Popular pieces from the collection include this Dream Odyssey Stars Aqua Square Cosmetic Bag and the practical Dream Odyssey Dreams Aqua A5 Journal.

One thing is for sure, the A Gift From The Gods team couldn’t be happier with their moment in the spotlight. With founder and managing director, Jane Reucroft, saying:  We’ve made it. We’ll be on Dave forever!

A Gift From The Gods is an accessories brand that never goes unnoticed. And it seems that even the powers behind prime time tv can’t get enough of its distinctive look. Until their next starring role, the A Gift From The Gods team will be concentrating on what they do best, creating amazing stationery, accessories and loungewear.

About A Gift From The Gods

Get Your Goddess On. A Gift From The Gods is a wholesale and consumer UK fashion and accessories brand that celebrates the goddess in every woman. Their varied collection includes loungewear, jewellery and accessories all created around the distinctive A Gift From the Gods aesthetic. Founder, Jane Reucroft was inspired by her involvement in the 90s club scene where she helped female DJs add a little sparkle to a male-dominated world. Club nights named ‘A Gift From The Gods’ led to a demand for t-shirts adorned with the logo and the brand was born. Now, A Gift From The Gods creates stylish accessories, homeware and apparel for goddesses everywhere.

For more information, visit www.agiftfromthegods.com



Find A Gift From The Gods on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Contact Chloe Bayles at chloe@agiftfromthegods.com to find out more.A GIFT FROM THE GODS



The HMRC has today launched a pilot scheme for the new online VAT service. The Making Tax Digital scheme, which The Giftware Association has attended meetings in its initial phases, will bring all but the smallest businesses to self-manage their tax affairs in a real time online relationship with the HMRC. Today over half a million businesses are invited to try out the new system before its roll out in April 2019.

Making Tax Digital (MTD) for VAT will make it easier for businesses to manage their tax and will save them, and their agents, time which can instead be devoted to maximising business opportunities, encouraging growth and fostering good financial planning.

Sarah Ward, CEO of The Giftware Association said:

“This is great for the productivity of many SME’s, as an association we speak to so many of our members who are struggling to manage every aspect of their businesses. The MTD will help with basic tax processes and takes away human error and delay, giving more time to focus on other aspects of their businesses. As a trade association, it’s one of our jobs to educate our members and champion brilliant schemes like this and a move towards digital engagement”

From 1 April 2019, under MTD, around 1m businesses registered for VAT with a taxable turnover above £85,000 will need to keep their VAT records digitally and file their returns using MTD-compatible software.

The pilot will be made available to company whose taxes are straightforward and or tax affairs are up to date. It will have a phased roll our to more businesses throughout the year.

With many companies now using online portals for banking and stock-taking, the digital skills gap is closing and this new way of recording tax is set to narrow it further, especially amongst SME’s as it offers them the greatest opportunity to maximise the success of the MTD and the benefits it can present for UK productivity.

Theresa Middleton, Director for Making Tax Digital for Business, said:

“Millions of people are already banking, paying bills and interacting with their suppliers and customers online. Using digital tools to help businesses manage their business income and expenses and get their tax right builds on this momentum and will also help them get more control over their finances.”

Find out ore here at the HMRC website here GOV.UK. or get in touch with us at The Giftware Association.

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The Giftware Association yearbook is back for 2019. After last year’s success in helping promote our members and raising their exposure in a printed format distributed to our network and further. This year we are aiming for a bigger and better yearbook for 2019 with a beautiful and specially designed cover by designer and Giftware member Josie Shenoy.

The yearbook is a great way for you to promote your business. As print isn’t dead and is utilised in our creative industry to its full potential, we are creating another yearbook of all our members to showcase their products and ranges, and this year everyone gets a double page spread! which means more room to let your products shine. We will take the yearbook to all the trade shows that we visit (27 shows so far this year!) distribute amongst our buyer and supplier networks and a copy will be given to all the buyers that attend our ‘Meet The Buyer’ events throughout the year. This is a huge amount of exposure all year round for your business, at trade shows up and down the country.

This year we want to give our members more space, so everyone will get a double page spread to show off your beautiful products and will also feature your company details for buyers to get in contact with you. It will be in an easy to read format and the buyers we have spoken to have loved its image led approach and praised its ease of use when looking for products and inspiration.

If you want to take part in the 2019 yearbook, would like more information or if you want to receive a copy of last years book then please get in touch with a member of the team who will be more than happy to help.

contact Callum Thompson on callum.thompson@ga-uk.org or give us a ring on 0121 2387 1149

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Meet The Buyer MP, ST

We are working away through Meet The Buyer season and meeting plenty of exciting new suppliers and buyers. We have had events with Boots, The National Gallery and Bonkers gift shop. Which were all hugely successful to those involved and positive feedback. We have plenty more upcoming events over the next few weeks.


We are excited be working with innovative online card supplier “Moonpig’. Starting out in 2000, they pride themselves on having 100 million moments where people have bought cards and sent them through their easy to use service. 2018 sees them branching out from just cards and looking for giftware specifically Alcohol, soft toys, beauty and food and general gifting. Moonpig are all about bring their company motto to life “we’re all about making peoples days brilliant”



We are again working with the Shakespeares Birthplace Trust. The Trust is the independent charity that cares for the world’s greatest Shakespeare heritage sites in Stratford-upon-Avon. They will be looking for Shakespeare related, bespoke products, food gifts, children and licensing opportunities.


For more information on these events then please get in touch with a member of the team on





The Giftware Association first met Julia, owner and founder of Joolzery at one of our Meet The Buyer events, and her products didn’t disappoint with her beautiful handmade sterling silver wire freshwater pearl and/or semi-precious gemstone jewellery, including statement necklaces, bracelets, earrings and cufflinks, getting significant interest from the buyers present. With a huge amount of thought process and work going into each piece and the ethos behind the brand, it made a very interesting story in a time where wellbeing and wellness is at the forefront of society.

Julia actually works full time, with her award-winning IT Training Consultancy company, Maximum Impact Solutions, which specialises in creating business intelligence reporting solutions using Crystal Reports and SQL Reporting Services, which she set up in 2001.

The beautiful pieces that Julia makes are unique, handmade with a spiritual meaning behind them. She sources the gemstones that feature in her products herself and ensures that when combined with other gemstones that they complement each other.


Julia’s process time from inspiration to production varies depending on the pieces and the availability of the raw materials; she enjoys designing and creating her own unique handmade products and wants to provide an alternative to the mass-produced market.

When sourcing gemstones, she looks for the more unusual gemstones, or if working with common gemstones she will source the unusual colours and/or cuts or shapes, for example when sourcing Amethyst, which is typically purple, Julia will look for the different cuts, a rough or raw gemstone, or alternatively will find the green version.

Working out of her home studio, she is everything most designer-makers are these days. Designing and making the jewellery, photographing the pieces for her website and ultimately marketing via Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, and selling her jewellery creations via her website or at handmade craft markets. A bit of a weekend warrior Julia has to slot her daily life around her jewellery business.

Discussing her work and the issues that are sometimes faced “You work with the materials that you have, sometimes you can get a curveball in your raw materials, like the beads are too small or big for the design, that they are not the shape or size expected, or that they are not all a uniform shape and/or size but you can always work around this to create the end product, sometimes it might be the materials that you require are out of stock. You just have to change your designs accordingly and more often than not these adjustments add to the uniqueness, organic-ness and interest of the completed jewellery pieces.”


Based in Liverpool, Joolzery has a dedicated following, but Julia wants to spread her wings and leave that bubble. She is starting to explore different avenues to business having signed up to trade shows and the GA’s ‘Meet The Buyer’ events. Julia exhibited in the BCTF and Pulse this year and will soon to attend the UK’s biggest trade show Spring Fair in February 2019, but not before exhibiting up at The Scotland Trade show in January.

Julia started selling her handmade jewellery at Handmade Arts and crafts markets, initially in Liverpool, and then branched out into the North West area.

Wanting to promote her products to new audiences, Julia has attended events in the North West region of the UK that concentrate on veganism, wellness and healthy living and specific handmade trade shows, she wants to get into independent boutique style shops, galleries and hotels looking to offer their customers something a little different, as well as geological, spiritual and alternative shops as this is the audience that understand the significance of her products and who are ideally targeted to.

Julia has created a separate collection of handmade gemstone jewellery pieces for the trade, which can be accessed on the Joolzery website.

The four themes of the collections are Manifestation, Abundance, Joy and Protection, and consist of Bracelets, Pendants, Necklaces, Earrings, Ear climbers, Anklets and Cufflinks.

Speaking of her Trade Show experience, Julia said, “There need to be more specific trade shows for handmade products, as there is a lack of them in the current trade show climate, and sometimes an area in a trade show is not enough to raise interest in her specific products.”

As we have heard from many of our members, the jewellery industry is very much oversubscribed, with a lot of the same designs being seen. It is tough out there, there is a very clear divide between the high-end market and fashion or costume market. Julia prides herself on the durability of her designs, as well as the unique character of each piece.

“It’s important that my jewellery is designed and handmade to last as well as being highly wearable. I don’t want my jewellery to be worn a few times and then break, only for the owner to have to get it repaired or have to go out and buy the same thing again. I want my products to be known for their high quality, durability and wear ability,” Julia says.

It is clear in Julia’s work that she is very hard working, passionate and absolutely loves what she does, three words to describe Joolzery would be ‘Unique’, ‘Authentic’ and ‘Spiritual’, and she does not disappoint.

To view Joolzery’s products visit her website here – https://www.joolzery.co.uk/

Email: Trade@joolzery.co.uk

Or catch her at the following shows:

Scotland Trade Show: Stand K79

Spring Fair: 20M02