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How did you start your business, Tsai x Tsai?
The brand, Tsai x Tsai, was started after a long family conversation during a trip back home to Taiwan. I wanted to create a brand that shares some of the beauty of Taiwan with the world.
What is unique about your jewellery brand?
Colour and heritage. Our design ethos is all about minimalist chic and colour. We use only semi-precious gemstones because of their connection to Mother Nature. We believe in making a statement without shouting out loud. Tsai x Tsai is about understated design which subtly catches the eye.
Where do you currently sell your jewellery?
At the moment we are selling mostly online and through our stockists across UK. We have also been participating in pop-ups in Paris and in West London – Belgravia, Kensington, Westbourne Grove, Chelsea, Fulham etc. These pop-ups have given us the valuable opportunity to engage with our customers directly.
What are the challenges of running a jewellery brand in the UK?
A saturated market is definitely the biggest challenge. There are so many talented jewellers and designers in the UK that the competition is fierce.
What advice would you give to someone thinking of starting out in the jewellery industry?
Be passionate about what you are doing. Don’t follow the trend but follow your heart. It is so tempting to change your design concepts to follow the trend but trends change constantly, so you should always follow your passion and inspiration.
If we could help you with one aspect of your business, what would that be?
Getting into more UK retailers. I am aiming to expand across UK and I will need support in managing this growth and expansion.
What news do you have to share with us so we can celebrate your achievements in 2018?
We launched the brand in December 2017 so there has been a lot to celebrate in 2018.
Our first pop up was launched in February at Westbourne Grove; our champagne partnership with Champagne Deutz was announced in March; we had our first overseas pop up in Paris and a brilliant time at House and Garden Festival. We dressed opera singers from London Bel Canto Festival for their performance at the Cadogan Hall.
We started going to trade shows and was also exhibited at Spirit of Christmas while having a shop for three months on Kensington Church Street before end of the year.
There has been so much so celebrate about and we look forward to more achievements to come in 2019.
What are you looking to achieve in 2019?
For 2019, we are looking into expand the brand across UK and France. Our objective is to have stronger brand awareness throughout the UK and not just in London. We aim to have our products stocked in jewellers and gift shops throughout the country.
What trade shows can we find you at in 2019?
We have yet to decide which trade shows to take part in. We are thinking about International Jewellery London and Premiere Classe so far. In terms of retail shows, we will be exhibiting during both Spirit of Summer (House and Garden Festival) in June and Spirit of Christmas in October this year.
Product Spotlight: Please feel free to shine a spotlight on your TOP 5 pieces for 2019.


Emily-Kriste Wilcox 3

Emily-Kriste Wilcox is a specialist in handbuilding and has been a professional ceramicist for almost 14 years.  Her strong ability to convey a sense of place through her use of clay is effective through a painterly expression that has become her signature style.  She has developed her ceramic practice through an exploration and level of refinement in order to create pieces that are suitable for interior decor, with an emphasis on bringing elements of the outside world into the home.
Emily-Kriste Wilcox 2
Coastal colours feature regularly in the collections created by Emily – often they are calm, muted tonal combinations similar to the one pictured here with soft blues reminiscent of the sea; others are slightly bolder or with accents of stronger colour that may be more representative of those you would find across the hills or amongst the garden.

It is here she is making significant strides in the new collection for 2019, some of which will be available at the upcoming Made by Hand exhibition to be held at Cheltenham Town Hall in March.  She endeavours to encompass her love of walking, gardening and the outside world with a painterly interpretation, where the colours and textures encountered from the surroundings inform the gestural, expressive markmaking to form the layers of surface decoration of her ceramic vessels.  The flashes and dabs of spring green, sun yellow or warm orange in the newer pieces may easily be seen as indicative of flowerheads, long grasses or dappled sunshine; but equally read as abstract painterly marks capturing the movement and fluidity of the gestural or directional brushstrokes themselves.  The reaction and evaluation of the surface informing the next marks much like a painter would develop a canvas.  This is a body of work which will continue to evolve, where new shapes emerge through the essence of the process, and so there are many more variations to come!

Emily-Kriste Wilcox 1

See the latest pieces from this collection at STAND 54.  Made by Hand, 8th – 10th March 2019 at Cheltenham Town Hall, Imperial Square, Cheltenham, Glos GL50 1QA

Emily-Kriste Wilcox will be one of 100 designer-makers exhibiting here where you will have the opportunity to meet, chat, and buy directly.  An event organised in association with The Contemporary Craft Festival,  Made by Hand Cheltenham is now in it’s second year and set in the beautiful elegant surroundings of Cheltenham Town Hall.

Opening times: Fri & Sat 10am -5pm, Sun 10am – 4pm
Tickets are available in advance and can be purchased here:
Further information about the show and it’s exhibitors can be found here:

Made by Hand
 opens 8th – 10th March 2019 at Cheltenham Town Hall, Imperial Square, Cheltenham, Glos GL50 1QA
Full details of opening times and directions can be found at


Scotland Trade Show Spring


With the air buzzing with order-making and new relationships being forged, Scotland’s Trade Fair Spring 2019 heralded a confident start to the new season. 2018 witnessed another busy tourist season which kept footfall moving in many of Scotland’s independent shops and in particular those serving overseas visitors. There is great confidence this will continue in 2019 despite domestic political upheavals and concern over the global economic outlook.

With the largest number of exhibitors for both the Trade Show and Scotland’s Speciality Food Show for a decade, there was plenty of variety for buyers with a massive range of gifts, homewares, jewellery, textiles, craft and speciality food and drink on offer. Buyers relished the quality and range of products making it a highly successful Show.


Helen Crawford from The Old School, Beauly said: “We always think of the Scottish Show as an opportunity to cement already existing supplier relationships, meet the “new kids on the block” and touch base with our fellow retailers. This year we doubled our orders with some key suppliers, placing our confidence 100% in Scottish made product.  If you want the best of commercial, good Scottish products, this trade show is an unmissable date in the buying calendar. The icing on the cake is that it is also the friendliest show you could possibly imagine attending!”

As well as buying and sourcing products, the Show increased its additional content this year with among other events, the introduction of Nessie’s Den. Six new exhibitors pitched their products to three key buyers in a fun and entertaining session. In addition, Minister for Trade, Innovation and Investment Ivan Mckee MSP visited the Show and presented one of the Best Product Awards.

The Best Product Awards were a highlight of the Show with some very talented exhibitors winning, and a superb range of high quality, mostly Scottish products, taking the top awards. Julie Pearson from Cloudberry Gifts and one of the judges added: “The range and quality of the products on display was fantastic and we were impressed by not just the winning products but their packaging and price points too. This Show is a great source for finding new suppliers. There was a wide choice of categories and new products on offer and it seemed all companies no matter how big or small had put extra effort into adding to their ranges and seemed to really enjoy the show, which came across to buyers.”

Scotland Trade Show Spring 3

Seminars and workshops on a wide range of topics from social media to success secrets for retailers, were well attended and many commented on how useful these extra events are for retailers who often struggle with time to learn new tips.

Exhibitor Fiona Ritchie from Siabann said: “This Show has been so busy for us with many existing and new customers coming to our stand. We need to be here in person to showcase our new products and re-acquaint with existing customers so it’s a must attend Show.”

Mark Saunders Show Director said: “There was a real air of optimism at the Show from exhibitors and buyers. Foreign buyers were also plentiful from predominantly the US, Canada and Europe, who were searching out high quality Scottish made products which are world renowned for their excellence and commercial appeal. We are hoping that the 2019 season will be a profitable one for Scotland.”

The Best Product Winners are:

Launch Gallery

Gold – Clarabella Christie – range of interiors products  (LG58)

Silver – Kushboo Soaps  – soap (LG74)

Bronze- The Wee Book Company  – book (LG24)


Clothing & Textiles

Gold – Eribe Knitwear  – jumper (C66)

Silver – BAKKA – scarf (CG42)

Bronze – Brook Taverner – tweed jacket (C71)


Home & Giftware

Gold – Highland Stoneware  – bowl (A46)

Silver – My Little People  – picture (E18)

Bronze – Siabann  – home fragrances (E42)


Jewellery & Fashion Accessories

Gold – Rarebird Design – bag (D83)

Silver – Karen Duncan Jewellery – necklace (E111/F115)

Bronze – Zoe Davidson – jewellery set (E111/F115)



EORI Registration 3

The UK will be leaving the EU on 29 March 2019. Leaving the EU with a deal remains the Government’s top priority, however, the government and businesses should continue to plan for every possible outcome including no deal.

In December HMRC wrote to VAT-registered businesses that trade only with the EU advising them to take 3 actions to prepare for a no deal EU Exit, including registering for an UK Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number.

Business that only trade with the EU will need an EORI number:

  • to continue to import or export goods with the EU after 29 March 2019, if the UK leaves the EU without a deal; and
  • before they can apply for authorisations that will make customs processes easier.

We are writing to ask for your support in encouraging your members and clients that have yet to register for an EORI number to do so. Businesses can register for an EORI number at

EORI Registration 2

In the coming weeks, HMRC and wider government communications activity will continue to encourage businesses to take action to prepare for leaving the EU, including registering for an EORI number.

If you would like more information then please get in touch with The Giftware Association at

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We caught up with Harprit Pitu Suri, Director of Oceanic Jewellers Ltd to find out more about the business and what it means to be running a jewellery brand in the UK.
How did you start your business?
Oceanic Jewellers is a family business started in 1977 by our parents, Lord & Lady Suri. The business is now operated by 3 siblings, Manu, Pitu and Guni.
What is unique about your jewellery brand?
Majique jewellery brand is very ‘British’ with a growing following on Social Media, FB, TWIT, Insta. We are a niche market, wearable brand. We have built a reputation for unique design, style and, of course, quality over the 42 years. Our jewellery has a modern, contemporary feel and we aspire to allow the wearer to really express their personality when they put on some of our pieces.
Where do you currently distribute your jewellery?
Primarily in the Britain, working with ‘UK Highstreet’, with some exports. Historically we have had strong exports which have seen a decline as a result of Global Political protectionism. We endeavor to put these up as a Nation. There is a huge appetite for British innovation and product globally.
What are the benefits for a retailer of working with you?
What we really love to focus on is being jewellery wholesalers to businesses that sell to the public. Whether you have a small website selling unusual jewellery or operate on an online marketplace offering jewellery featuring affirmations, we can work with you to supply you with exciting new stock whenever you need it. We’d also love to hear from you if you have a traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ shop selling costume jewellery exclusively or alongside other products, as many of our existing clients operate on this basis. You might be surprised to hear that we can offer a range of services on top of allowing you to buy direct from us, including free gift packaging, point of sale materials such as metallic logos, merchandising ideas, window display suggestions, sales support and much more.
What are the challenges of running a jewellery wholesale brand in the UK?
The challenge is adopting change and evolution. With the increasingly reactive retail landscape and a very transparent supply chain, the idea of forward order is a thing of the past! Shops and traders prefer to buy ‘in the season’ and not tie up budgets and cash flow in advance. the balancing act of having a small inventory is key.  We are in the 4th Industrial Revolution of Britain. Let us make history again.
What advice would you give to someone thinking of starting out in the jewellery industry?
The consumer is time restricted and overburdened with data. The offering is immense and available over many supply channels. Price sensitivity is what we are all continually experiencing.  In any sector these days one must offer an experience, tell a story, and not just sell the product. British design and creative industry is being pushed beyond boundaries. let us, as a sector, put the great back into Great Britain
If we could help you with one aspect of your business, what would that be?
The JDA must assist its members gain visibility on the internet. A necessity & important factor in what is the 4th Industrial revolution.
What news do you have to share with us so we can celebrate your achievements in 2018?
The business of 42 years, commenced in 1977, is still supplying UK High Street, evolving in the 4th Industrial revolution. I sit on several committees in the City of London, promoting Trade at home and abroad. One such being the LCCI London Chamber of Commerce and Industry ‘ The Voice of London’. I continue to make an opinion, contribute, shape and implement change.
What are you looking to achieve in 2019?
Sustain the business and brand of 42 years , in what is a challenging time for UK politically & economically.
What trade shows can we find you at in 2019?
We are online 365 days a year! Trade shows are a thing of the past, footfall is down at the jewellery shows, jewellery buyers do not want to come out and buy at a venue for reasons i expressed earlier.
I implemented change in our company’s strategy on Trade shows back in the 2000’s . We eliminated our participation from destinations in declining performance from HK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Paris, & finally the NEC in Birmingham. Trade show organisers must adopt & work within the parameters of The 4TH Industrial Revolution.