Help your small business make the most of Small Business Saturday on Saturday 2nd
December 2017.

Hang the poster and window sticker in a prominent place to show your support for
Small Business Saturday and attract customers through your door. You can pick up a
poster from the Small Business Saturday Bus Tour or download a digital version of the
poster to use on your website and social media via

It would be great to see the poster in your small business. Take a photo and share it
with the campaign:

Tell the world what your business will be doing on 2nd December to celebrate.
Be creative and make your business stand out!

Encourage more customers to your small business by getting yourself on the Small
Business Finder via It is
available on the website and mobile app.

About Small Business Saturday UK
Small Business Saturday is a grassroots campaign that highlights small business success
and encourages customers to support small businesses in their communities. The day
itself takes place on the first Saturday in December each year and the campaign aims to
have a lasting impact on small businesses. In 2017 Small Business Saturday will take place on Saturday 2nd December. Small Business Saturday was originally founded by American Express in the U.S. in 2010 and it remains the principal supporter of the campaign in the UK, as part of its on-going commitment to encourage consumers to shop small.

In October, Small Business Saturday will once again hit the road on its annual Bus Tour.
Follow Small Business Saturday on social media to see when it is coming to a town near
you. Want to join the bus at a stop? Get in touch:
With thanks to Vistaprint for supporting the printing of the flyer and poster /SmallBusinessSaturdayUK @SmallBizSatUK @SmallBizSatUK As a company dedicated to supporting 17 million small businesses globally, we strongly believe in the vital role you play, both in the local community and the national economy. Every day we are inspired by your passion, drive and creativity, and are motivated by seeing your businesses achieve their full potential. Campaigns like Small Business Saturday UK play a crucial role in encouraging customers to shop local and support businesses in their community. We are proud to once again be supporting Small Business Saturday by printing this flyer and the poster contained in this marketing pack. You can use these materials to promote your involvement in the campaign, spread the word and show solidarity with other small businesses in your community. On behalf of all at Vistaprint, I wish you the best of luck and a successful Small Business Saturday 2017.




Bakedin StoryIt has just been announced that Joseph Munns of South East based business Bakedin has been shortlisted for the 2017 NatWest Great British Entrepreneur Awards in the Small Business Entrepreneur of the Year award.

Joseph beat off some tough competition to make the regional shortlist, with over 1000 entrepreneurs entering the awards nationally across a wide range of categories.

Now in its fifth year, the NatWest Great British Entrepreneur Awards has celebrated some amazing entrepreneurs, many of whom are now household names. Past winners include David Buttress of Just Eat, Julie Deane of The Cambridge Satchel Company, James Watt of BrewDog and Alexander Solomou of TheLADBible Group.

Joe Munns said, “After gaining 15 years’ experience in software engineering and managerial positions at IBM, I spotted a gap in the market and created Bakedin. We manufacture and sell a range of baking products through well-known high street retailers and online.  We also invent a new recipe approved by top pastry chef Michel Roux OBE each month for our subscription service.  It was named in the Independent’s top 15 food subscriptions alongside brands such as Graze, HelloFresh and Abel and Cole.

Creator of the Awards, Francesca James, said: “We have been inundated with some incredible entries this year, and all shortlisted applicants should be extremely proud of themselves! This year has seen a record number of entrants and we’ve been absolutely blown away by the strength and diversity of applications.”

Baking Club 1

“We cannot wait to celebrate entrepreneurship across Great Britain with them, and put a spotlight on the incredible talent within the British entrepreneur ecosystem.”

Gordon Merrylees, Head of Entrepreneurship at NatWest said: “I want to thank all of the entrepreneurs who entered this year and congratulate those who have been shortlisted, I look forward to seeing them at the regional finals.”

“It is clear that entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well and NatWest is thrilled to be able to support these awards to celebrate success with the businesses that are the lifeblood of the UK Economy as they start, scale and succeed.”

The NatWest Great British Entrepreneur Awards will celebrate entrepreneurship across a number of categories at 5 gala finals within the UK, including; Cardiff, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Manchester & London. You can find more information about the awards and the ceremonies here:


Bakedin are an energetic team of 20 that develop and manufacture baking kits and mixes in their SALSA approved factory in Basingstoke. The baking kits contain all the ingredients in the right quantities so you still have the baking from scratch experience but with a little less fuss and no food waste.  All our recipes are approved exclusively by Michel Roux OBE, one of the world’s finest pastry chefs.  We use only the best ingredients in our kits, including award winning local flour, Belgian chocolate and ground Madagascan vanilla.  We have a diverse product range including premium baking kits, convenient mug baking mixes, a subscription baking club and even a newly launched “boozy baking” range.
Press Contacts: For Bakedin, contact Marketing Manager, Jana Saunders – 07763743783 or

The NatWest Great British Entrepreneur Awards:

The NatWest Great British Entrepreneur Awards acknowledges the hard work and inspiring

stories of British entrepreneurs and businesses in Great Britain.

Press Contacts: For GBEA, contact Front Door Communications on 029 20 020 360 or 07740 459171, or by emailing or




The Gift Show 5

After a successful first run last year, from the 2nd – 6th of October, WIDDOP and Co will be hosting their annual gift show in their north Manchester Showrooms. Selecting products in the run up to Christmas, it is key you can ensure your store is stocked up with the most desirable stocking fillers for the festive season; WIDDOP and Co’s annual gift show takes the stress out of stressful Christmas shopping.


There will be show only promotions across the ranges as well as tips and ideas on simple ways to create eye-catching gift displays. With a special focus on their Men’s and Ladies’ giftware, including their brilliant licences Rosanna and Studio Oh!, and their hit making Musicology range, WIDDOP and Co. aim to demonstrate gift giving can be more exciting than a boring pair of socks. As an added bonus, all of their remaining Christmas 2017 range will be half price from the beginning of October, an excellent time to top up on your Christmas stock at a reduced price!


To book your place at The Gift Show, call WIDDOP and Co sales office on 0161 688 1226.



With 2017 well and truly in full swing, let’s have a look at the prevalent digital trends for 2017 that you can apply to your business. Social media is always on the up and up and it’s not always how long you have been using social media but how up to date you are on digital trends. So if you can get to grips with the latest technologies and trends then it can boost your business. Major trends that we are looking out for in 2017 are

The growth of Dark Social

Video Ignites

Social catches up with search

Social Commerce will increase

So let’s take a look at how these can affect your business in 2017:

Dark Social

The ominous sounding dark social covers instant messaging services, so called because of its off the grid approach to communication over the standard forms such as email. There has been a rise in instant messaging applications that can bring us closer to our customers on a more personal level. WhatsApp and Facebook chat are already being used by many companies to have a more emotional and instant connect with customers. Big companies want t to feel more engaged with their customer base. Greggs, for example, used a limited WhatsApp Group to announce the launch of its Christmas Range, allowing all users if the group to respond and be in direct contact with Greggs. Meanwhile, Hyatt Hotels have utilised Facebook chat in their customer service and marketing by allowing customers to contact them on Facebook chat to offer sites of interest, restaurants and local offers and to guests stopping in their hotels around the world. This has massively improved their customer service with most issues resolved very quickly creating a positive marketing image of the brand.

This more personal approach to customer service allows you to be on the ball all the time with your customers’ wants and needs, while also having more of a connection with your customers who are more likely to be using their phones for messaging. The eponymous dark side of social media is the reporting, in that there is very little in what your effort can achieve apart from the immediate results you see on screen; you can’t see who has read or reacted to your messages and if this equates to ROI. But as a marketing tool that is free, it enables you to get to know your customers better and on an emotional level. This is definitely a trend to watch in 2017 and how you can apply it to your business.

Video Ignites

The format of video being used in marketing has risen and risen with many social platforms now having the ability for live video sharing to create an ‘in The Moment’ feeling and again engaging with customers on a more personal level.

The use of video has risen steadily over the years with many companies utilising it on their home pages of websites and also having designated YouTube channels to show off their products and services and creating engaging content for potential customers. But with Facebook and Instagram integrating live video into your campaigns it’s an opportunity to create content that can be shared and makes customers feel in the moment. There is also a sense of vulnerability to watching brands’ unpolished videos that creates engagement and also lends a bit of realness to the brand.

Whether you are sharing a live demonstration or a Q&A session, it allows everyone to be in the moment even if you are hundreds of miles away. It’s this sense of inclusivity that brings brands and consumers together. We’re sure many of you at Spring Fairs noticed many of the brands utilising these tools to show off their whereabouts and also their products. This brings a sense of trust also which is a non-measurable metric. Video is set to grow and grow in 2017, so utilise as best as you can for your brand.

Social catches up with Search

With more and more people on social media, increasingly we are using it instead of search engines for referrals. This means that companies are creating more engaging social feeds that consumers are finding as they pop up on their timelines with links direct to your website. Someone at Spring fair came to our stand at Spring Fair saying she had discovered us on Instagram, which is great, as Instagram is one of our newest tools but allows us to be a bit more creative as Instagram allows. It was nice to hear that we had a reach that actually initiated first contact. There has also been a certain amount of criticism, with an increase in people getting their news stories online in what ‘President Trump’ himself has called Fake News, and Mark Zuckerberg has admitted that there are a number of unregulated news stories that may or may not have factored in the decision of the presidential election 2016.

The more brands create engaging content on their social the more likely it is to land in the laps of potential consumers, and refer them to a website, so while SEO for your website and online advertising is important, increasingly so is creating great content that can be shared across social media platforms to gain a wider reach. The Giftware Association has recently linked its blog to its Twitter and Facebook channels to increase the reach of posts and to hopefully gain a further breadth and reach.

Social Commerce

With buying through social commerce not being very popular in the past, on the back of figures from last year it is looking like more people are starting to trust in buying from social networks.

Facebook is setting up a marketplace, and there are initiatives within Instagram where you can see what products are in the picture and immediately be taken through to buying that product. To understand a bit better how social drives ecommerce industry, Shopify looked into 37 million social visits that led to 529,000 orders.

  • Facebook dominates as a source of traffic and sales. Nearly two-thirds of all social media visits to Shopify stores from Facebook. Plus, an average of 85% of all e-commerce orders from social media come from Facebook
  • Order from Reddit increased 152% in 2013
  • Instagram received higher than average orders compared to Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook, which is unusually as the only clickable link is in the bio
  • Facebook has the highest conversion rate for all social media e-commerce traffic at 1.85%

These stats show that social e-commerce is on the up, so it’s important to know whether your customer base is predominantly on any of these social platforms; it may be a waste of time advertising on Twitter and Facebook when most of your audience is on Pinterest, though it could be a chance to gain new customers in areas that you haven’t explored before.

With Snapchat rolling out the opportunity to buy from directly from within the app, it’s looking like an increasingly popular choice going forward.

There are many applications within the social media universe, so choose the one that best suits your audience and you can use to your advantage. When it comes to digital it’s not how much you know but how up to date you are.

To find out more and to see if we can help with your social media or marketing contact us at