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Emily-Kriste Wilcox is a specialist in handbuilding and has been a professional ceramicist for almost 14 years.  Her strong ability to convey a sense of place through her use of clay is effective through a painterly expression that has become her signature style.  She has developed her ceramic practice through an exploration and level of refinement in order to create pieces that are suitable for interior decor, with an emphasis on bringing elements of the outside world into the home.
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Coastal colours feature regularly in the collections created by Emily – often they are calm, muted tonal combinations similar to the one pictured here with soft blues reminiscent of the sea; others are slightly bolder or with accents of stronger colour that may be more representative of those you would find across the hills or amongst the garden.

It is here she is making significant strides in the new collection for 2019, some of which will be available at the upcoming Made by Hand exhibition to be held at Cheltenham Town Hall in March.  She endeavours to encompass her love of walking, gardening and the outside world with a painterly interpretation, where the colours and textures encountered from the surroundings inform the gestural, expressive markmaking to form the layers of surface decoration of her ceramic vessels.  The flashes and dabs of spring green, sun yellow or warm orange in the newer pieces may easily be seen as indicative of flowerheads, long grasses or dappled sunshine; but equally read as abstract painterly marks capturing the movement and fluidity of the gestural or directional brushstrokes themselves.  The reaction and evaluation of the surface informing the next marks much like a painter would develop a canvas.  This is a body of work which will continue to evolve, where new shapes emerge through the essence of the process, and so there are many more variations to come!

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See the latest pieces from this collection at STAND 54.  Made by Hand, 8th – 10th March 2019 at Cheltenham Town Hall, Imperial Square, Cheltenham, Glos GL50 1QA

Emily-Kriste Wilcox will be one of 100 designer-makers exhibiting here where you will have the opportunity to meet, chat, and buy directly.  An event organised in association with The Contemporary Craft Festival,  Made by Hand Cheltenham is now in it’s second year and set in the beautiful elegant surroundings of Cheltenham Town Hall.

Opening times: Fri & Sat 10am -5pm, Sun 10am – 4pm
Tickets are available in advance and can be purchased here: https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/made-by
Further information about the show and it’s exhibitors can be found here: www.madebyhandengland.org.uk

Made by Hand
 opens 8th – 10th March 2019 at Cheltenham Town Hall, Imperial Square, Cheltenham, Glos GL50 1QA
Full details of opening times and directions can be found at www.madebyhandengland.org.uk


The Giftware Association is busy planning its series of Meet The Buyer events for 2019. The events have been a huge success in the past with hundreds of products on display from over 200 companies

Come and meet buyers in a more relaxed environment where you can showcase your products and get to met buyers from across the giftware industry.   Perfectly timed so as not to disrupt any major shows and a networking lunch included.

These events have been really popular with buyers and we have already worked with John LewisOcadoTK MaxxThe National GalleryBoots and many more.


The Giftware Association is pleased to announce it will again be working with Mantons Cards, the multi award-winning Port Erin store is the Isle of Man’s largest supplier of quality greeting cards and gifts.  Manton’s are particularly on the lookout for bath bombs and candles. The cost to attend this event is £50 + VAT.

The Giftware Association is once again working with Choice Marketing and The Scout StoreScout Stores are looking for Clothing, accessories, gifting, christmas and novelty items. Choice Marketing, who look after 39 independent garden centre’s are looking for new innovative niche suppliers and large brands reaching out for distributors. This event will cost £125+VAT



The Giftware Associations first event of the year will once again be working with Find Me A Giftafter their successful event last yearFind out more and what Find Me A Gift are looking for here. The cost to attend this event is £75 + VAT



The Giftware Association is very excited to be working with The British ShopTHE BRITISH SHOPis the largest online shop in Germany, featuring high-quality British fashion in the country style, typical English homewear, British perfume and popular British specialties. online. The British Shop is looking in particular for Gifts, Gardening equipment, Home Textiles, Kitchenware and lifestyle products.

The cost to attend the event is £85 + VAT


If you would like more information on how these events work or if you would like us to approach any retailers that you have on your target list then please get in touch with simone.rose@ga-uk.org.

Thank you

The Giftware Association Team


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Imitation is NOT the highest form of flattery! Counterfeit goods damage brands, ruin reputations and, worst of all, can harm unsuspecting customers.

The Giftware Associations newest service provider ‘Snapdragon‘ held a breakfast seminar on our stand during Spring Fair and offered some helpful insights into the world of IP copying and design protection.

  • Register your trademark in as many territories as possible, and definitely in China. As 90% of copies are found in China, it is worth paying to protect.


  • Register products and trademarks with the EUIPO enforcement database and its equivalent elsewhere (This is a free service and helps protect your brand at ports of entry)


  • Translate your brand into as many direct and slightly indirect variants as possible and search regularly for these on online platforms. Report sellers for infringing activity and get listings removed


  • If you find counterfeits, buy a sample and get to know it so you can help others – including customs – tell the difference – Be super aware in terms of customer safety


Snapdragon is a company that simply put, fights fakes online. With the rise of counterfeit goods within the home and giftware industry, Snapdragon’s mission is to reduce the number of fakes around the world, enabling brands to thrive and customers to be kept safe. They work closely with in-house lawyers, IP firms and other legal experts to ensure your registered IP works for its investment, protecting your business and your customers.

The Giftware Association have partnered up with Snapdragon to raise awareness of this issue that many of our members face, so if you are looking to learn more about fighting fakes or have been affected yourself and want to know how to protect your brand in the future then speak to a member of the team.


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We asked Gareth from DesignPIT to speak to us about some of his packaging design trends.

As we slide out of festive season and roll through January, Christmas seems like a distant memory and we are well and truly back on the cart of work! I wanted to take some time to look ahead and map out some of the key trends that I believe will have a credible impact on packaging design in the next year.

1) Minimalism

Less really is more in 2019! Brands are more transparent and accessible than ever and they will start reflect the openness and simplicity of brand message with some slick and simple packaging designs. Stripping away anything that is non-essential and revealing the true substance of a product is something we will start to see more and more of this year.

Check out this clean and simple vodka bottle label we created for Sun Bear Vodka.

DesignPit 1

2) Soft Colour Gradients

Gradients are a great way of adding depth to packaging media. The year will see gradients used to break up empty space with subtle use of colours. This technique will be more prevalent in areas such as craft alcohol sector where more feminine products like Gin will embrace this technique to enhance detailed graphics. Watch out for pastel colour shades being built into soft gradients across products like these in the coming months.

3) Vintage Inspired Packaging

There are so many brands competing for market share nowadays that history and heritage in a brand are elements that are becoming lost. As consumers crave more and more products, solutions and answers to problems, brands seem to be invented or reinvented every five minutes. I believe that heritage and longevity in a brand are two core elements that help to build trust in consumers, and this will lead to packaging that is designed for new products or brands being heavily vintage in style. That hipster cool, old fashioned look and feel helps to build a bit of history and heritage in the minds eye, even though the brand may only be a few months old.

4) Flat Style Illustration

Look out for some bold and bright, flat styled illustrations in packaging this year. Flat illustration is nothing new in general design terms, having been around since the 1920s and used extensively in print design. I feel the timing is right for this style of illustration to start to make more of an appearance in packaging design.

Check out this cool example of flat illustration here; this box sleeve was one of the top selling sock products in Next stores over summer 2018… Designed by us!

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5) Minimal Plastic or Free-from Plastic Packaging

The impact of our footprint on planet Earth has been very clearly documented in the media over recent months. The sheer volume of plastic waste has been laid bare on our computer screens over social media, on television and across the newspapers. Brands simply cannot afford to ignore the impact of discarded packaging on our environment and this year will see more and more plastic free or minimal plastic packaging hit the shelves.

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YKK Email

Global zip company YKK and The BTAA have collaborated to give you an exclusive  ‘Fastenings and Trim Seminar’  on 20th February 2019, discussing everything about the humble zip from the different types available, it’s history and how to spot counterfeits. The seminar will be held at the YKK London Showrooms in Shoreditch and will be free to attend for BTAA members.

YKK has been specialising in zips and fastening design since 1934, building up a global audience due to its quality products and design endurance. YKK now has 71 manufacturing plants across the globe and now manufacturers architectural and agriculture products as well as its fastenings and zips. This seminar will give you an insight into the YKK Story culminating in a Q&A session.

The Agenda for the day is as follows, starting from 10.30am and finishing at around 2pm:

– Registration
– YKK Overview
– What is a Zip / Type of Zips / Types of Sliders
– How to Choose a Zip
– Lunchbreak
– Quality Control / Counterfeits
– Plastic Parts ad Hook and Loop
– Snaps and Buttons / Snap Attachment Workshop
– Q&A Session

Book your place early to avoid disappointment. If you have any questions regarding transport or accommodation please get in touch with simone.rose@ga-uk.org or ring a member of the team on 0121 237 1105.

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