The consultation from DEFRA on the new Waste Prevention Programme for England – Towards a Resource Efficient Economy is now live and can be accessed here.

Please respond to the consultation online using the Citizen Space platform.

This consultation seeks to agree a new Waste Prevention Programme that helps achieve the Government’s strategic goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and achieving Net Zero, protecting our natural capital, addressing our resource security, and creating jobs and growth, through increasing our resource productivity and minimising waste. 

If you have any queries/issues, please email –

Customs and VAT

VAT Returns: We have been advised that there are ongoing problems with the generation of statements for January and February. HMRC are investigating and will update with more information in due course.

In the meantime, if you/ your members need to complete a VAT Return and you/they do not have access to accurate statements, you/they can estimate import VAT figures for those months.

List of customs agents and fast parcel operators: The list of customs agents and the list of fast parcel operators have been updated.

Goods Movement/Haulage and packaging

Declaring reusable packaging for Great Britain imports and exports: The email address to send quarterly reports has been added.
Moving goods through the Port of Holyhead: Updated with information about Holyhead Interim Inland Border Facility Service.

UK Common Frameworks

UK Common Frameworks: Updated to included latest European Union (Withdrawal) Act and Common Frameworks statutory report.

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