One of our member company’s has informed us of a potential fraud on their accounts by a business posing as SM Sales. The company placed an order, In which payment terms were agreed but not adhered too. The goods were delivered but subsequently not paid for.

The targeted company carried out credit checks and reference checks before accepting the order, but it looks like the fraudulent company had created several fake accounts to give the appearance of a genuinely reliable payer to the giftware industry. Upon recently checking the credit account for SM Sales today there are several CCJ’s against their names indicating that they have fraudulently duped other companies using the same technique. The other fake referencing companies have also disappeared.

The targeted company has taken this to the Police who have notified that the postal address on the fraudulent company is used quite frequently with organised crime gangs, the post code in question is G40 2TX, Forest Road Glasgow, So please be extra vigilant when receiving orders and requests from this area.

Please read this message as it will help to prevent these gangs from ruining lives. Small businesses like ours cannot accept losses like this. Please be extra vigilant when taking on new trade customers. I am sure there are quite a few out there that have come across this company already. They will be closed now or shortly but will re-open with another name and another set off reference companies behind them. Please take care!” Anonymous, Targeted Company

If you have experienced Fraud on your accounts or would like to know more then please check out this handy guide but also be extra vigilant –


  1. Hi I’m so sorry that this happened we are experiencing the same. Could you advise If you’ve had any answer from them.

  2. Hi, I’m sorry to hear this has happened to others, but was relieved to find this article – Scott McConway/SM Sales has also stolen from me and my small business. I am based just around the corner from Forrest street, and over £4000 worth of stock was ordered and delivered and yet never paid for. My emails went unanswered. I had an uneasy feeling on receiving the order, but both myself and my accountant ran credit checks against the individual and everything seemed fine however, as detailed above, this was all fraudulent information. Scott McConway has now been declared bankrupt owing over half a million pounds. Almost all the creditors he owes are small giftware businesses like ours. Its theft, and from small businesses that can least afford it.

  3. Hi Guys,

    Sorry to hear about this.

    This company approached me via my website, which has a trade sign up.

    I did all the required checks and issued them a password to access the trade/wholesale part of the website.

    Luckily for me, all are orders are payment up front, so I never heard from them again.

    I’ve now deleted them from the system.

    Hope you get this sorted, as small businesses cannot afford such losses.

  4. There is a current pending case against S M Sales. The owner is completely innocent in all of this, which will come to light soon enough

    The comments on this page are not only slanderous but very unhelpful towards to the case

    For the record, EEP was actually offered full return of the goods ordered but refused this offer. All email correspondence has been forwarded to the relevant authorities

    I am compelled not to disclose any further information but I would advise this page NOT to use any names please and ask that if any further comments are made to PLEASE DO NOT disclose names as it can be deemed slander & is very unhelpful to any potential case


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