Pillowfight Warriors® which was acquired by K-Play International at the end of 2018 has had a very strong performing year. The brand has now been independently reviewed by the Good Toy Guide.

Throughout 2019 Pillowfight Warriors® has been available in famous castles, retail outlets, major heritage sites and museums in Europe. Pillowfight Warriors® are very high quality soft and safe cushions in the shape of historical swords and shields. The new Medieval range introduced in May this year has exceeded expectations.

The Good Toy Guide tests toys with accredited play club partners. Each product is tested by children on at least 4 separate occasions. The children play with the toys and apps in natural settings, observed by professionals, who have been trained to carry out research with children in a robust, and ethically responsible way to give valuable feedback that can be trusted.

The review consists of 3 categories, fun, skills development and ease of use. Scoring 4 out of 5 on fun, the same on skill development, and 5 out of 5 on ease of use, the results were fantastic for the Pillowfight Warriors®.

The Official Review: The soft play Pillowfight Warriors® Weapons and Shields are perfect for imaginative play and designed with historical accuracy to take you back to the marauding Viking Age. This really encourages children to immerse themselves in role-play and is great for their creativity and storytelling skills. Our testers had so much fun playing with these and even the adults joined in!

‘’The soft material prevents anyone from getting hurt if they do get hit which is a bonus!’’

K-Play quote. ‘’We constantly receive positive feedback on Pillowfight Warriors® from our trade partners. We tested the products with consumers at the renowned UK Games Expo in June and the response was so positive that we thought it would be interesting to strengthen the brand by getting independent toy experts to review them. The results are incredibly pleasing and we look forward to Pillowfight Warriors® having a strong Xmas and continued success into 2020. We are already developing the next range of “Romans” and are in negotiation with major outlets and distributors worldwide’’

K-Play International Ltd – Pillowfight Warriors® 

Full Review : https://www.fundamentallychildren.com/toy/pillowfight-warriors/

Online: http://shop.k-playinternational.co.uk/pillowfight-warriors

Email sales@k-play.co.uk or call 01469 640 460 to request a price list and more information.

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