We caught up with previous Gift of the Year winners Clockwork Soldier and what they have seen from the success of the awards.

Company Name:  Clockwork Soldier

Product: City Game London / Build your own RNLI lifeboat

How has winning the awards affected sales of the product and your business?

The sales of all of the products in the final this year have seen positive results, but the major difference can be seen across the business as a whole. I think the huge 

Change for a business of our size is that the awards have helped to validate us and add a level of credibility to a wider base of buyers. It has opened doors for us

With brands and distribution markets that we were previously struggling to break into. We have seen significant growth in all levels of our wholesale business

Including major brands, garden centre chains, museums, independents, international distributers, and online sellers

Have you got any success stories from when the awards were announce at Spring Fair until now?

Apart from the previously mentioned growth. This years Spring Fair was the best one for Clockwork Soldier since we started nearly ten years ago. New accounts are still being opened from this show

Given the current trading climate and that Spring fair is usually our slowest show of the year. We see this as a very positive effect of the award

What have you learnt from entering the competition?

In the past we have spent a reasonable amount of budget on advertising with mixed results. It can be difficult to gage the effectiveness of advertising, but the prestige and

Coverage that comes with winning gift of the year the results and effect is clear to see which make the entry fee well worth it.

Will you be entering the awards again?

Yes we aim to enter the new children’s awards later this year and the 2020 gift of the year awards.

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