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The Benevolent Society is The Giftware Associations connected charity, here is a little more about them.

What is The Benevolent Society?

The Benevolent Society is the charitable society of the British Allied Trades Federation, covering the giftware, jewellery, surface engineering and travelgoods and accessories industries.

What does The Benevolent Society do? 

The charity financially assists individuals who have previously worked in the industries covered by the British Allied Trades Federation and have fallen on hard times, and those who are embarking on or progressing careers in the industries.

Over the last year we……..

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not be possible to provide vital assistance to those who worked hard to make our industries what they are today and those who are the future of our industries.

If you are interested in supporting The Benevolent Society or require assistance from us please contact Laura Banner on 0121 236 2657


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